Hayley Mitchell

Mitchell collaborated with Lodha Luxury to design an awe-inspiring masterpiece, Lodha Maison. A renowned hospitality interior designer, she is acknowledged internationally for her innovation in design and strategy.



The contemporary facade and architecture have been conceived by WOHA, world-renowned pioneers in green high rises. WOHA's patented 'breathing architecture' ensures that every townhouse is naturally ventilated, with a design that allows free circulation of fresh air.


Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola is renowned across the world for her avant garde design and bold aesthetic.

After wowing the global cognoscenti with her design for The Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona, Patricia brings her unique creative genius to the design of Lodha Park clubhouse, transforming this magnificent space with her signature style.


PLA Landscape

PLA specializes in high-end resort, hotel, and residential projects, with a global presence. Every PLA landscape fosters a deep connection between people and nature.

Lodha Park, possibly PLA’s most ambitious project yet, presents the challenge of creating an oasis of nature in an urban setting, with vibrant life and activity, and a tapestry of experiences, seamlessly interwoven to provide its users a richer life.