Golf Course Design: Greg Norman

Founded by Greg Norman, one of the most prolific international players and most respectable personalities in Golf’s history, GNGCD has created more than 75golf courses on six continents, garnering many prestigious awards for design.

Greg Norman’s golf course designs are known to be environmentally sensitive, adhering to a ‘least disturbance’ approach right through the design, pre-construction and construction process. With a design that is challenging, playable and aesthetic. A GNGCD golf course creates a memorable golf experience for players of all skill levels, blending seamlessly with its surroundings so that it seems to have been part of the landscape for generations.


Architect: Christopher Charles Benninger Architects (CCBA)

Visiting India in 1968 on a Fulbright scholarship, Christopher Benninger, trained in urban planning and architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, began a journey that was to change the course of his life. Moving to India in 1972, he founded schools, prepared plans for the governments of India, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and set up Christopher Charles BenningerArchitects (CCBA)

In its 17th year, CCBA’s professional architects, urban planners, urban designers, landscape architects, interior designers and engineers have a national reputation for design excellence, many awards and a rich and extensive body of work that includes the Mahindra United World College of India, “The Suzlon One Earth” headquarters and The National Ceremonial Plaza at Thimpha, Bhutan. CCBA was awarded some of India’s most sought after commissions, including the Azim Premji University at Bengaluru, The Indian Institute of Technology at Hyderabad, and The Indian Institute of Management at Kolkata. While Christopher Benninger himself has received among other honors, the ‘Golden Architect Award for Lifetime Achievement’.


Landscape Design: PBB

Named after its founder, Prabhakar B. Bhagwat, PBB is arguably India’s most influential landscape design firm, designing and establishing several design typologies, winning national and international awards and being handpicked for the most prestigious projects. With a deep commitment to furthering the boundaries of landscape design in India, PBB’s expertise spans every aspect, from design to engineering to lighting to water management.


Interior Design: Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA)

A leading name in the global hospitality interior design industry, San Francisco based HBA is justly renowned for its depth of experience and its talent for charting new directions in interior design, influencing design standards at a global level. For nearly 50 years, HBA’s design professionals have stayed true to the firm’s philosophy of creating a sense of place: A well designed and integrated package of fantasy, drama and comfort. Across continents, an HBA design is recognized for its unique and sensitive response to location, architecture and the needs of residents. HBA Associates creates inspired and comprehensive design experience, supported by a brilliant internal graphic design studio and a team of art specialists developing spectacular customized art, to delight the world’s most demanding clients.